Born in Lausanne on November 10, 1859, he came to Paris at the age 19 years.

Naturalized French in 1901, he died in Paris in 1923.

Steinlen began his artistic career as draughtsman in the humorous newspapers.

He exposed to the show of the " independent ones."

Famous for his extraordinary capacity to represent cats with variety of movements and expressions so that the blow of pencil appears as fast as the glance which seizes them, he is also a landscape designer of first command. He also translates with a rare emotion the world of work and misery " He is the friend of all the desherities " wrote Claude Roger-Marx . Steinlen was called " The painter of the poor ".


Bibliography : E. De Crauzat

" L'Oeuvre gravé et lithographié de Steinlen ; catalogue descriptif et analytique " Paris 1913.


Bords de l'Oise.(Edges of Oise.)

Crauzat not described. SOLD



Very beautiful proof on cream laid with "Van Gelder Zonnen" watermark.

Signed and annotated at the edge of the layer in bottom: " planche aciérée essai I ".



Temps d'orage.Stormy weather.

Crauzat not described.



Very beautiful proof on cream laid " E Delattre".

Signed and numbered 27/35.


Les trois compagnons.Three companions.

Crauzat 115.


Eau-forte et pointe sèche.

Very beautiful proof on old japon paper of a hard copy of 15.

Dry stamp of the editor Sagot ( Lugt 254 ).



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