JANINET Jean Francois 1752-1814.



Engaving printed in colours after Rubens.




Engraving printed in colours with several plates.

" HENRI IV Roi de France et de Navarre" half-length portrait on the left. Oval

Under oval " P.P. Rubens pinx. - F Janinet sculp. 1777 "

In margin under the title "Tiré du cabinet de Monsieur le Comte de Baudoin , Brigadier des armées du roi Capitaine aux Gardes Françoises. "

Bottom "A Paris chés l'Auteur rue ST Jacques."

" P. Blin Imp. " engraved with a dry point.

Dimensions: Oval 25,5 * 21 cm. Copper 33 * 45,5 cm. Margins of the copper plate.

Picture announced in the newspaper of bets on October 4, 1777.

This portrait is the reproduction in reverse of Henri IV 's profile represented in one of the paintings of the Luxembourg, exhibited today in the Louvre: "Henri IV leaving for the war in Germany".

Pair with the portrait of Sully.

Portalis and Beraldi N°128.

Inventory BNF N°54.